about us

Irsa Media Iran and Hendrisha Iraq Company with the aim of developing trade between the two countries and providing business services, marketing, integrated advertising to producers of Iranian quality goods and Iraqi businessmen and businessmen who need a professional relationship with each other. Trade and Exhibition Center They permanently established Iranian products and services in the city of Sulaymaniyah. Our team consists of experts and experienced people from different groups, each of whom has worked with reputable companies and organizations in the region. Our services are to create a market based on the need to have a deep knowledge of consumer culture. It can be very effective.

مرکز تجاری ایران در سلیمانیه

All our specialists have a special passion to serve the applicant companies, and as a result, our customers will enjoy exceptional services. Our teams are successful in challenges and often provide solutions that inspire us to achieve the best results in advancing business goals to turn consumers into loyal customers, as well as to achieve results beyond imagination that lead to the success and growth of our customers. The business center of Iran in Sulaimaniyah, by providing different and comprehensive services, has been able to serve as a reliable reference to advance the goals of business actors of the two countries, which has been our main motivation.