Export products to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq in the online store of the mall:

The online store of Iran Business Center in Sulaimaniyah has made it possible for Iranian exporters and foreign customers to easily and in a safe environment, analyze the common market of the two countries online, perform needs assessments and use the existing capacities in order to Improve your business relationships. It is also possible to place an order by Iraqi customers (mainly) in the store section of the site.

اIran and the Kurdistan region share a 360-kilometer border, as well as four borders. Many Iranian goods enter Sulaymaniyah from these borders and then are sent to Iraq.
The latest information provided by the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran shows that Iraq was the second largest destination for Iranian non-oil products in the first half of this year (March 21-September 22) after China. During this period, Iraq imported $ 4.66 billion worth of non-oil goods from Iran, which accounts for 22.26% of Iran’s total exports.


Business Center Objectives

1- Direct and unmediated supply of Iranian products to the Iraqi market
2- Introducing Iranian quality goods in the Iraqi market
3- Building trust and establishing a secure line of credit between the Iranian and Iraqi sides
4- Quality and technical control of Iranian-made products in Iraq
5- Planning and evaluating how to distribute and sell in the Iraqi market
6- Establishing direct representation for Iranian brands and a stable presence in the Iraqi market
7- Establishment of a dedicated capillary distribution network in Iraq
8- Organizing environmental, television and online advertising of Iranian products and services in Iraq
9- Providing integrated services, marketing, trade, communications and advertising to Iranian manufacturers

The online store of Iran Business Center in Sulaimaniyah allows merchants from both countries to easily access the sales department of this center and check the products in this center.


Trade Promotion Organization

اIran Chamber of Commerce